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leled heaters of the r.f. unit (total current 1.25 amperes) are conected in series with thw paraleled heaters of the modulator (total current 1.2 amperes). This works out very nicely. In a 6-volt system, 6AQ5s would be substituted for the 5AQ5s and all heaters would be connected in paralel of course. Voltage for the carbon microphone is taken from the drop accross a portion of modulator cathode resistor. The micophone push-to-talk switch operates the dynamotor control relay as well as the change-overrelay. A system of plugs and cables takes of all connections between

  the transmitter, power supply and modul-ator.
        Although this unit was designed fo 75 meters, similar units may be made for other bands. The combination of this title transmitter and a single-band crystal-controlled convertor ² has not only removed the objections of the XYL but has also provided the OM with a mobile rig that will stand up with the best of them.
² Deane. "Simple Crystal-Controlled Converters," QST December, 1934. Scherer, "The W2AEF Converter-etten," CQ, May, 1953.
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