Tranistorized Dip Meter

Digital Capacitance Meter

Schematic Diagram

All resistors = 1/8 watt Capacitors
    C = Ceramic
    M = Dipped Mica
    ML = Mylar

Printed Circuit Board Solder Side

Printed Circuit Board Components Side



This dip meters use 2SC2369 transistor for RF Oscillator and 2SC458 for AM Tone Oscillator. VR 10 K potentiometer is a linear type it adjust the working voltage of the RF oscillator part from 0~9 Volt DC, it influence the meter reading sensitivity and in the instance the RF power. This Dip meter is a multi-function; it can also be used as a field strength meter and or AM transmission monitor when a headphone replaces the meter. Beside it can be used as a RF signal generator for receiver tuning purpose.

2 ganged air type variable capacitor normally use in FM Receiver is used for frequency tuning.

The meter full scale reading is 100 µA, using a larger scale will need an extra DC amplifier to allow a full-scale meter setting.

The tone oscillator is a capacitive resistive feedback type that generate an audio tone of ± 1000 Hz. with a capability of modulating the RF oscillator for ± 30% modelation depth.