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Taken from from7N3WVM Homepage
6 Meter SSB/CW Transceiver

Freq. range50.000 - 50.270 MHz
RX partSuperheterodyne
RF amp.3SK74
LO-OSC2SC1815, super VXO with two 13.0 MHz X'tals
Frequency tripled
IF filter11.2735MHz, Mizuho's SSB X'tal filter
IF amp.Two 3SK59's
DetectorDiode ring, four 1N60's
BFO and Carrier-OSC(SSB)2SC1815
AF amp.2SC1815 and LM386
TX part
Buffer amp.2SK124
Driver amp.2SC2003
Final amp.2SC1971
Output power3 Watts with 13.8Volts
T/R switch
Full break-inTwo PIN diodes Back-to-back in RX antenna and audio mute with 2SK168

ZOOM Schematic Diagram 2X
MINOWA, Makoto
Last revised 1997-09-20.