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Mission & Vision

Many Hams and electronic hobiest are eager to make their own ham equipment, few of them can easily get the relating information and most of them are handicapped in getting info as well as parts and hardware's for their hobbies. Of course there are many relating magazine and books available here and obviously what they need is not the theoretical knowledge only but more the Application techniques. So, the purpose of this Homepage is aimed to Ham Radio and Electronic Hobiest particularly for Novice and beginners. In preparing the topics I'll try to be plain, simple, clear and easy but since some of the pages are prepared in the Indonesian language, it takes time to prepare the English version due to my poor English .I hope I can prepare the English version ASAP HI...


The content of these Homebrew pages is mostly relating technical info for Ham radio. Such as, Basic Electronics but. It's only a table of formulas and spare parts data, there are also many topics taken from some magazine/data sheets and other sites, which is to my opinion very useful and attractive. My own Homebrew and experience projects notes I've ever made and some illustration stories relating my activity in the Radio & electronic Hobbies starting from my childhood era. And for whom who needs instruction manual; You may view or download it , I've prepared it in a limited types

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