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The period covered by this instruction book is April 1963 to the date on the book title page.

Each equipment that had circuit changes made during the period of time covered by this instruction book has the changes identified on the applicable sheet of the schematic diagram and in the parts list. Circuit changes are flagged

on the schematic with a change identifier (  )

pointed at the component, group of components, or a circuit enclosed by a broken line. The identifier indicates that the component or circuit has been changed, and the number in the identifier indexes the specific change. If several components are affected by the same equipment change, there may be more than one identifier with the same index number.

The indexed changes are listed on schematic changes and eguipment differences sheets inserted in front of the schematic sheet to which they are indexed.

The identifier-description describes the differences and reasons for changes and includes a recommendation as to what action should be followed during repair or maintenance.

The reason for identifying changes in this manner is that the manufacturer has "scrambled serial numbers on his amateur products during the period covered by this instruction


book. Therefore, changes cannot bE identified by conventional methods.


None of the changes have been made because the equipment has failed to meet the equipment specifications and are not recommended changes for all units. Equipment changes have been made to improve performance or reliability of. radios that are built using different fabrication processes. These changes will not necessarily improve the operation of your equipment and in some instances, if changes are made will degrade the performance or possibly damage the radio.

The change identifier number is also used in the parts list section of this instruction book.However, in the parts list the identifier is enclosed in slashes (for example. /6/) instead of

the symbol.

Voltage and resistance measurements for the KWM-2/2A Transceiver are located in the service instructions section of this instruction book

Below are listed service bulletins that have been written against the KWM-2 and K\YM-2A Transccivers, These service bulletins were factory installed in units about the time the bulletins were issued and have been installed in all units since that date.


Not issued (SB I was issued against KWM-1 Transceiver)
Addition of VOX relay time constant control


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