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  1. b. Close-talk into the microphone, increasing VOX GAIN control setting until VOX relay just operates. For VOX operation, it is desirable to close-talk the microphone to prevent background noise. from tripping the KWM-2/2A into transnmit function.

  2. c. Set meter switch to ALC position. Increase setting of MIC GAIN control to obtain S6 average reading on voice.

  3. d. Leave MIC GAIN control as set in step c above. Leave microphone in normal operating position. Set function switch to CAL position, tune in calibrate signal, and adjust AF GAIN control for comfortable listening level.

  4. e. .Adjust the tuning control for approximately 1000-Hz beat note. If the VOX relay trips, increase AN’I’IVOX GAIN (figure 4-1, It45) setting to minimum point necessary to prevent speaker output from tripping VOX. It may he necessary to increase VOX GAIN setting slightly after this anti VOX gain adjustment in order to compensate for the anti VOX gain.


    Do not use more VOX gain or more anti VOX gain than necessary to control VOX operation. If VOX circuits transfer between words, increase the release time constant by turning VOX TIME CONSTANT control (figure 4-1, R43) clockwise. If less release time is desired, turn tile control counter clockwise.

  5. f. Set function switch to ON position. The KWM-2/:2A is now ready for transmit Operation in SSB service. Speaking into the microphone transfers from receive function to transmit function through the VOX circuit action. If the receiver is tuned to a different frequency, the transmitter is also tuned to this new receiver frequency.

  6. g. After changing frequency more than 50 kHz, perform steps i through m, paragraph 2.4.1.


2.4.3 CW Operation


    The CW output signal frequency is 1/50 Hz higher than the dial reading. To set the CW output signal frequency. subtract 1750 Hz from the desired output signal frequency. Set the crystal and vfo dial for the resultant output in CW operation.

  1. a. Set up receiver and transmitter operation according to paragraphs 2.3 and 2.4.1 with EMISSI0NS switch set to CW.

  2. b. Press key and adjust AF GAIN control for comfortable monitoring level.

  3. c. Hold key down, and increase VOX GAIN control setting until the VOX relay operates. If it is desired to change the release time constant, adjust the VOX TIME CONSTANT potentiometer, R43. Clockwise rotation of this control increases the release time. This control is located on a bracket under the top cover, behind the meter.

  4. d. Set meter switch to ALC position.. While sending a series of dots, adjust MIC GAIN control for S3 meter indication of ALC.


    Component heating during operation may cause the ALC reading to decrease. Maintain the ALC reading at S3 by adjusting the MIC GAIN control as required.

  5. e. When receiving, leave the AF. GAIN control set for comfortable monitoring level, and adjust the receive level with the R.F. GAIN control. When the KWM-2/2A is receiving, the received signal is indicated in S-units. The S-meter will read correctly with the R.F. GAIN at less than maximum setting, provided the received signal level is high enough to actuate the S-meter. For example, if, the R.F. GAIN control is set for no-signal reading of S8 and reads S9 with signal, the received signal is S9.

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