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Section II



    UNPACKING. Radio Receiver BC-548-(*) is packed in a wooden box with Mounting FT-154-J FT 154-Q or FT- 154-AA. To unpack the receiver preparatory to installation, the following steps should be taken in the order given:
  1. Pull out the nails in the top of lhe box and remove the cover.
  2. Remove the large cardboard filler in the top of the box .
  3. Remove the cardboard carton containing Mounting FT 154-J, FT-154-Q or FT-154-A.
  1. With the wooden packing box placed on the floor. stand at one end. place the palms of thc hands against each side of the cardboard carton containing the -receiver and lift the carton from the packing box.
  2. Break the seal on thc top of the cardboard carton.
  3. Remove the filler in the top of the carton.
  4. Grasp the handles on the front of the receiver and lift the receiver out of the carton.
  5. Break the seal and open both ends of the carton containing Mounting FT-154-J FT-154-Q, or FT 154-AA
Figure 2

Figure 2. -- Radio Receiver BC-348-J, Tube Positions

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