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Section V
Paragraph 34 AN=08-10-112

3. Throw the analyzer AC-DC switch to DC and the VOLTS -MA-OHMS switch to VOLTS-MA.

4. Use the voltmeter ranges indicated on the voltage table and proceed to make the desired readings between the chassis ground and the terminals given on the voltage chart.

When using Model 666 Socket Selector to read voltages, the capacity between the leads in the cable may cause oscillations which will affect voltages and currents. In the case of a voltage that is found to read considerably different from that shown on the table, replace the tube in the receiver and read the voltage at the socket terminal with test prods before attempting to locate the source of the incorrect voltage.

(2) RESISTANCE AND CONTINUITY MEASUREMENTS. Resistance and continuity measurements are to be made with Model 665 Analyzer as instructed on pag 12 of test set instructions.

The tables that follow show resistance measurements made from the chassis ground to the tube socket teminals and other important points that are easily accessible. These measurements may be made with the test prods at the terminals, or in the case of tube sockets, Model 666 Socket Selector may be used as instructed in paragraph 34b(1).

Whenever possible, select an ohmmeter range that will allow the readings to be made on th 0 to 60 section of the ohmmeter scale, as greater accuracy is obtained over this portion of the scale.


Always set the ohmmeter to zero ohms each time a different scale is used, or before making the initial measurements. To do this, short together the two test prods and turn the battery adjustment knob until the meter reads exactly zero ohms. If the meter cannot be adjus ed to zero, the battery in the analyzer will have to be changed. For instructions, see the section on battery replacemcnt under Maintenance on page 42 of the test set instruction book.


1. With the chassis removed from the cabinet and no power supplied to the receiver, place the controls in the positions designated on the resistance and continuity chart.

2. Set up the Model 665 Analyzer and the Model 666 Socket Selector, if used, as instructed on page 12 of the test set insttuctions.

3. Throw the analyzer AC-DC switch to DC and VOLTS-MA-OHMS switch to OHMS.

4. Proceed to make the desired readings between chassis ground and terminals as indicated on the resistance and continuity tables.

i. FAILURE OF DIAL LIGHTS. The two dial lamps are conneued in series; hence the lack of dial illumination does not indicate failure of both lamps. Removal of the dial light housing gives ready access to the lamps.

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