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Organizational Maintenance

Page 9 - 1


  1. Organizational preventive maintenance is the systematic care, inspaection, and serviceing of equipment to maintain it in serviceable condition, prevent breakdowns, and assure maximum operational capability. Preventive maintenance is the responsibility of all categories concerned with the equipment and inludes the inspection, testing, and repair or replacement of parts, subassemblies, or units that inspection and tests indicate it would probably fail before the next scheduled periodic service. Preventive maitenance checks and services of the equipment at the organizational level are made at monthly intervals unless otherwis directed by the commanding officer. The preventive maintenance checks and services should be schedued concurrently with periodic service schedule of the carrying vehicle for all vehicular installatios.

  2. Maintenance forms and records to be used and maintained on this equipment are specified in TM 38-750.

9.2 Monthly Maintenance.

Perform the maintenance functions indicated in paragraph 9.3 once each month. A month is defined as approximately 30 calendar days of 8-hour-per-day operation. If the equipment is operated 16 hours a day, the monthly preventive maintenance checks and services should be performed at 15-day intervals. Adjustmen of the maintenance interval must be made to compensate for any unusual operating conditions. Periodic daily services constitute a part of the monthly preventive maintenance checks and services and must be performed concurrently. Equipment maitained in standby (ready for immediate operation) condition must have monthly prevantive maintenance cheks and services performed ont it. Equipment is limited storage (requires service before operation) does not require monthly preventive maintenance.