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Operator's Maintenance

Page 8 - 2

8.3 Daily Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services Chart

1End item equipment...Inspect equipment for completenessTable 1 - 1
2Exterior surfaces...Clean exterior surface, including panel and meter glass. Check meter glass and indicator lems for cracks.Fig. 2-1 and para 8-4.
3ConnectorsCheck tightness of all connectorsfig. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, or 1-4.
4Controls and indicators.

While making operating checks (item5), observe that mechanical action of each knob, dial, and switch is smooth and free of external or internal binding, and that there is no excessive looseness. Also, check meter for sticking or bent pointer (fig. 2-1).


Operate equipment according to section II. During operation, be alert for any unusual signs or conditions.


Page 8 - 2