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Figure 1_1

Travelling Station Interconnections With 30L-1
Figure 1-1

to PHONE PATCH jack J11. Connect this wire to pin 7 of V1. Resolder the other brown-white Wire as originally connected.

1.2.3 Mobile Installation

  1. Select a location in the car to install the transceiver. Allow clearance on all sides to assure adequate ventilation. If VOX operation is desired, leave enough space above the transceiver to allow opening the top cover
    for adjustment of VOX GAIN and ANTI-VOX GAIN controls, S-meter zero, etc. If a 351D-2 Mobile Mount is to be used, drill holes and fasten the adapter bracket transmission hump with self-tapping screws. Attach the mount to the bracket. Swing the cantilever supports forward. Install the side slides in KWM-2/2A according to 351D-2 Mobile Mount Installation Instructions. remove the plastic dust covers from the 351D-2 plugs, and store them in the

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