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TMM 11-5820-532-15
*C 2

Changes in force: C1 and C2


Washington, DC., 21 May 190

Organizational, DS, GS, and Depot Maintenance Manual
Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List

TM 11-5820-532-, 28 January 1965, is changed as follows:

Page 1-0.1. paragraph A2. Delete and subtitude:

A.2. Indexes of Publications

  1. DA Pam 310-4. Refer to the latest issue of DA Pam 310-4 to determine whether there are new editions, changes, or additional publications pertaining to equipment.

  2. DA pam 310-7. Refer to DA Pam 310-7 to determine wheter there are modification work orders (MWO's) pertaining the equipment.

Paragraph A.3 (page 1 of C 1). Delete and subtitute :

Forms and Records

  1. Reports of Maintenance and Unsatisfactory Equipment Use equipment forms an records in accordance with instructions given in TM 38-750.

  2. Report of packaging and Handling Deficiencies. Fill out and forward DD Form

  6. (Report of packaging and Handling Deficiencies) as prescribed in AR 700-58 (army) NAVSUP Pub 378 (Navy), AFR 71-4 (Air Force), and MCO P4030.29 (Marine Corps).
  1. Discrepancy in shipment Report (DISREP) (SF 361). Fill out and forward Disreoancy in Shipment Report (DISREP) (SF 361) as prscribed in AR 55-38 (Army) NAVSUP Pub 459 (Navy), AFM 75-34 (Air Force), and MCO P4610.19 (Marine Corps)

  2. Reporting of equipment Manual Improvements. The reporting of errors, omissions, and recommendations for improving this publication by individual user is encouraged. Reports should be submitted on DA Form 2028 (recommended Changes to Publications) and forwarded direct to Commanding General, U.S. Army Electronics Command, ATTN: AMSEL-MENMP-EM, Fort Monmouth, N.J. 07703.

*This change supersedes that portion of the maintenance allocation chart of TM 11-5820-554-15 as pertains to the AM-3979/FRC-93.
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